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Help with outdoor faucet replacement

My outdoor faucets have the backflow preventer device built in. On one of my faucets I have a timer set to automatically water my lawn; however, the faucet leaks out the back of the backflow device when the timer is closed.


The faucet is on a brick exterior wall and I'm on a slab. When I tried to unscrew it to replace, the faucet wouldn't bulge but the pipe it was attached to would. Since I don't have access to the other end of this pipe is it OK to go ahead and replace the pipe and faucet? Would wrapping the inside threads of the pipe with tape take care of any leaking issues? How do I know when the pipe is tight enough on the inside?


I'm concerned about having a leak in the wall that I can't see until it's to late.

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Posted 2012-09-07T17:55:54+0000  by wmcknig wmcknig

Hello and welcome to the How-to-Community.


I'm assuming you are referring to the anti siphon sillcock valve :smileyhappy: aka outdoor faucet:smileyhappy:


YES, it is ok to replace the pipe and the faucet. Just make sure that water supply to that faucet is turned off before you attempt to replace it. I would actually go an extra step and replace it with a sillcock vale that has a longer body (pipe section) than what the thickness of the wall is. Having said you’ve got the brick wall (8”?) 12” should do it….


Obviously you would have to shorten the supply pipe which is not a big deal…if its galvanized pipe we can  cut it and thread it to the size in the store…if its copper  you can get one of those push connect types if you don’t  want to deal with heating and soldering the pipe.

 push connect.jpgregular.jpg

You’re right these things can be leaking inside the wall and you wouldn’t notice it until the wall is fully saturated…


Hope this helps,



Posted 2012-09-10T19:31:56+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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