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Help with residue of Motsenbocker's Lift Off Paint and Varnish Remover gel on ceiling paint


What's the best way to tackle the residue from Motsenbocker's Lift Off gel on my ceiling?

1. Should I just roll over the residue area with primer (and exactly what type of primer should I use?), and then paint over the primer?

2. Do I need to remove the residue before I prime/paint, AND/OR is there a way to somehow remove all of the hardened Lift Off gel residue on the ceiling to restore the color? 

I did try to use warm soap & water and a slightly abrasive sponge, but that didn't go very far.

Please let me know your recommendations, and thank you very much!

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Posted 2015-06-12T19:37:08+0000  by phillytim phillytim
UPDATE: I called the company, and they said that I'd need to try to (1) wet it with water and scrub it off with a scotch-brite-type pad, or (2) sand it off, which I do not want to do being a textured ceiling.

And I have a small problem with just the wet-and-scrub tactic, as I used some diswashing detergent for soap/water, which they said could be a barrier to just the wet-and-scrub method. Ugh. Perhaps I should consider some denatured alcohol in the water to dry the oils out.

It's a rather significant amount of space I need to clean off, about 50 square feet.

Does Home Depot sell a power scrubber or something I could use? lol
Posted 2015-06-12T20:37:30+0000  by phillytim
Not certain how you got Motsenbockers over fifty-square feet of ceiling, phillytim.

But at this point you should be able to recover your textured ceiling with these steps:

1) Use fans to ensure all the extra materials you've added to the ceiling are completely dry;

2) Apply two coats of Zinsser Cover Stain, waiting at least one-hour between coats; and

3) Paint two coats of ceiling paint to complete the project.

Zinsser Cover Stain will seal the stains and allow you to paint over the entire surface without the stains bleeding back through.

On the label, the manufacturer says:
"Sticks To All Surfaces Without Sanding, Dries Quickly, Use Any Topcoat"
Posted 2015-06-16T14:49:51+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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