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Help your flat screen hang flat on the wall

If you are thinking about hanging a newer flat screen TV on the wall you have several  options available, and things to consider. What I want to address here is the idea that using parts off the shelf at a Depot can help your wall mounted TV ( or monitor ) sit close to the wall. And that using s good surge protector can help save your TV and the other stuff involved, ( cable box, DVR etc ).

 I want to recommend here, the use of a Leviton recessed receptacle , sku #  768-565, with a deeper box to fit it like a Raco box,   sku # 338-494, supported to the drywall wall with clips like sku # 587-852 to hold the box to the wall.  Using this assembly of parts will recess the receptacle back into the wall more than 3/4 of an inch helping the cord end not hold the screen away from the wall, while still using a receptacle.

  As an added level of protection for your TV I would recommend replacing the receptacle that feeds the new power to this project with the receptacle from sku # 214-335 a hospital grade surge receptacle ( the good stuff for protection ) to connect the new added wiring to the " load side" of the new surge receptacle to add an extra level or layer of protection for your new TV! Experience & training have taught me the surges are best defeated by multiple layers of protection. A concept different from the idea that 1 fuse or circuit breaker can protect many plugs and or switches. 



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Posted 2011-03-11T23:28:04+0000  by elect_answers elect_answers

Surge protectors are a must for all electronics. One of my close friends just found out the hard way. She was having some electrical work done at her house and the electrician did something that caused a surge of power and it blew out a 42" flat screen TV, Xbox, and Playstation 3. They were all only 3 month old. So learn from her mistake and protect all of your electronics. One surge equals $1200. loss in her case but it could be more in your case. So be smart and protect yourself. :smileywink:

Posted 2011-03-11T23:45:36+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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