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Help:I need to cheaply and efficiently install AC units in a 2-in-1 Mobile uice

I bought a double-wide mobile classroom from an organization that does not need it anymore.The modular building(or mobile trailer measures 24 feet by 28 feet.Since it is doublewide,the separate units are joined at a door between them and they collectively measure 24 feet by 56 feet.

It originally carried 3 tonnes AC units in each of the rooms.I do not want to use those in-situ ACs but will

ill like to install something more affordable monthly bills.

There I need expert advice.According to some research I did,Energy Star rcommends about 13,000 BTU/hr for a space of 500-700 square feet.Since I will need to buy two units for the two rooms,I need a brand of AC that is not only cheap and efficient,but will be easy to install.

Can someone advise me?

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Posted 2018-07-22T05:55:48+0000  by Davy1 Davy1
Understand that your trailer will require some quantity of BTU's to cool it at any given point in time.  That quantity is dependent on the insulation in the walls and roof of the trailer, number of windows, construction of those windows, doors, outside temperature, exposure to the sun, etc. The question is how to get those BTU's as economically as possible.  All A/C units have what's called a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating), the higher the number the more efficiently the unit operates.  The most efficient units are traditional "central air" and "split" systems.  Unfortunately those are also the most expensive systems to purchase.

In other words, central and split systems have a high up front cost but a lower cost of operation.  From there the next question is at what point does is the higher cost initial cost offset by the lower cost of operation.  That's a calculation you would need to perform after getting estimates on new systems, using local energy costs, and the amount of time you plan on staying in this trailer.  If you, for example, only plan on staying in this trailer for a year or two, it might not make sense to invest in a more efficient unit (although such a unit may add resale value to the trailer).

Posted 2018-07-22T22:12:35+0000  by Adam444
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