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? Herbaceous Perennial ?

“What do you mean, a herbaceous perennial”?

Simply stated a herbaceous perennial is one that dies back to nothing.

Once the plant is hit with a true frost, or it is done with its growing cycle, and turns a terminal color, then collapses to the ground and after a cleanup is done, there will be, no remains or sign, of the plant above ground….at all. The root system, corm or bulb stores all the energy and the plant will emerge the next growing season.

The best example of a herbaceous perennial that I know is the “Hardy Hibiscus”. This magnificent, show stopper perennial, dominates a garden bed in late summer with its spectacular crepe paper like blossoms that measure 8 inches across. The plant can grow four-six feet tall and spread three-four feet wide. The presence of the Hardy Hibiscus is striking and noteworthy….but come first frost it dies back and crumbles to the ground leaving a giant void. Once the brown, withered stems are removed, no sign of the prominent plant remain, in fact the plant is late to emerge and most gardeners think they are gone forever….but no, they arise at the end of June and keep growing until the heat of August when they unfurl and begin a late summer flower show.

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