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Hi Carolyn

Anyone know how to paint a brick on a wall? Not a brick that is on the Wall but create a brick affect. What color if wanting to achieve soft tone colors in the beige family?




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Posted 2011-04-05T11:35:32+0000  by cdicrisci cdicrisci

Welcome to the Community Carolyn!


It's a great day in the Paint Department!


In a recent post about Behr Concrete Stain, I described one of my all-time favorite projects ... turning a plain cement pool deck into a brick look-a-like deck. Your process on the wall will be very similar, except you might use "New Brick" (S-H-200) in a satin finish paint, followed by several colors of faux glaze to create the textured, multi-colored look of a real brick.


Here is an excerpt from that post:



An art teacher at the local HS enlisted my assistance in creating and brick look-a-like pool deck. We found a four by eight inch rough-sided brick to use as a template, cleaned her deck using the etching solution, hand-drew the outline of the brick onto the deck leaving 1/2 inch faux mortar lines between each and staggering the pattern as if the brick had been laid. A carpenter's pencil proved to be the best tool to draw what seemed like countless outlines.


We started with a lighter tan color as a base. Then hand-applied each of the next two coats with a sea sponge. We used a medium brown (second color) and a very small amount of burgundy as an accent (third color).


What we produced was a brick look-a-like with the 1/2 inch clean concrete between each faux brick looking like a mortar line and the varying color of the faux brick looking like textured, laid brick. Labor intensive, but outstanding results!


The unexpected benefit was the blue color of the water became much more intense ... Caribbean Blue, if you will. The deeper blue color of the water showed against her "brick" pool deck and turned the whole area into an oasis.




You get the basic idea from the description of the pool deck project. Be as creative as you like ... you might consider showing several bricks, as if the brick wall behind the current wall is showing thru. If you like, use plaster to create three dimensional textures before you paint your faux brick.


Look at a real brick and break down the colors that you see. Choose your second and third colors based upon what you see on this brick. Faux glaze commonly mixes one-part paint with four-parts glaze, but you may want to thin it six- or eight-parts to one for the final color. This will allow only a wisp of that final color to show.


Finally, after you dip your sponge into the glaze, but before you apply it to the wall, use a terry towel in your opposite hand to dab off most of the glaze. This will ensure that you apply only a hint of those last two colors.


You may want to review several other posts that cover general faux techniques. Click here and here to see those posts.


I love projects like this and would really appreciate you coming back and sharing your expertise once you're done. Post a picture so we can all learn from you.


Thanks again for joining the Community.

Posted 2011-04-05T12:34:02+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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