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Hi, Do I have to prime new mdf panels for a desk top

I am creating a work station for sewing and am planning on using mdf for the top. Do I have to prime the 4x8 sheet before painting it?

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Posted 2013-04-21T18:37:31+0000  by levoxyl levoxyl




MDF is actually quite porous. Merely painting over it without a primer will result in poor results. If a really nice finish is desired, use an oil based primer such as the original quick dry KILZ or CoverStain. Both these, when dry, can be sanded to a very smooth surface which will take paint nicely and result in an nice even paint sheen. It will be far less likely to snag your sewing material or get it hung up. An oil based paint would also result in a harder surface than an acrylic/latex paint.


One interesting finishof MDF is to stain and varnish it. MDF ends up looking like cork when treated so. An oil stain and varnish also result in a very smooth, durable working surface'


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-04-22T02:33:36+0000  by ordjen
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