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High heel shoe rack made out of molding.

Here’s a couple of very cool high heel shoe rack that are made out of molding.


You can call them a shoe rack or as I like to call them wall art that doubles as a shoe rack.


How many of you gals out there spend a lot of money on your fancy high heels and get to wear them a couple times a year if you’re lucky and the other 363 days a year they just sit in the closet. Here is a way that you can display a few of them (or all of them).


For all of you guys out there that complain about us spending all of that money for our high heel shoes that we only wear a couple times a year. Here is a very easy do-it-yourself project that is 10 times better than flowers or candy and it will mean a lot more to us because you made it yourself.


The best part of this project is that you can adjust the size, color, and style so that it will fit your wall and décor.


First measure the wall that you want to hang it on than take a trip to your local Home Depot to get your materials.


Here is the first one. It’s made out of 2 pieces of molding. I like this one the best since it holds the heels in place better and in my opinion it has a lot more style to it.


Tools needed for this project:  Saw, hammer, drill, nail set, clamp or tape, glue, tape measure, and a pencil.


Materials you’re going to need are:    1  piece of Base Molding

                                                                   1  piece of Crown Molding

                                                                   1  box of Finish Nails

                                                                       Wood Glue or White Glue


                                                                   1  can of Spray Paint or Paint and a paint brush

                                                                   3  Screws and Drywall Anchors

                                                                   Anything else that you want to decorate your shoe rack with.

                                                                                 (examples: decorative duct tape or bling.)


Cut both pieces of molding to size and then figure out where you want the crown molding to line up along the top edge of the base molding.


   High Heel 1.jpg


Apply some glue to the edge of the crown molding and clamp it in place. If you don’t have clamps then you can always use tape to hold it in place. Now pre-drill the holes for the nails. This will keep the molding from splitting.


  High Heel 2.jpg               


Hammer all of the nails in. Counter sink them and fill the holes with wood putty. Let it dry.


High Heel 3.jpg                          


Drill the holes for the screws. I drilled a small hole just big enough for the screw to go through and then a larger one so that the head of the screw would be even with the molding. Now it’s time to sand it smooth.


   High Heel 4.jpg                    


Now all that’s left is to make it pretty. Add a couple coats of your favorite color of paint let it dry and you have the coolest shoe rack in the neighborhood. I even painted the heads of the screws to match the paint.



HIgh Heel 5.jpg                    


Hang it on the wall and have fun figuring out which pairs of heels gets to strut their stuff first.


 High Heel 6 & 7.jpg


Here is the second one. It’s made out of only one pieces of crown molding. Pictured above on the bottom-right.


Yes it’s easier but depending on what kind of heels you have and the location where you’re going to hang it. It might not hold them in place very well. If the wall that you’re hanging it on has a door close by that might jar it when it closes the heels may fall off. You might want to go with the other style of rack.


Materials you’re going to need are:   1 piece of Crown Molding

                                                                  1 can of Spray Paint or Paint and a Paint Brush

                                                                  2-3 Screws and Drywall Anchors


Cut the crown molding to size, sand it smooth.


Paint it, let it dry and hang it.


**If you’re going to have multiple rows make sure you hang the top row and then hang and measure your longest pair of     shoes top to bottom and then add a couple of inches to know where the next row should go. This measurement will stay the same for the rest of the rows. With all of the rows the same width apart you don’t have to worry about which pair goes on what rack. Any pair will fit on any rack.


Keep in mind that you not only want it to go with your décor but it also has to compliment your shoes. There’s nothing worse than a hand bag clashing with your shoes or in this case a shoe rack that clashes with your shoes.


So be creative and show off those high heels. Here are a couple of examples of mine that I added duct tape to.


High Heel 8 & 9.jpg                


Once you finish your project post some pictures here on the community so we can admire your work. (and your shoes)

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Posted 2012-02-01T18:47:51+0000  by Christine_HD_OC Christine_HD_OC

this is great information for beginners.

Posted 2012-02-04T04:37:31+0000  by dliber

Fancy shoes need a fancy home...


But is that footwear THD approved for the aisles? Hmmm, steel toe stilettos....

Posted 2012-02-06T21:21:58+0000  by Paul

I made this today and it was an awesome project! We're short on space in our house and this was a perfect solution for my heels. I mounted two rails, 30" each and was able to hang 4 pair of shoes. I absoulety love having my favorite shoes on display!



Posted 2012-09-08T23:30:41+0000  by MrsOry

Hello MrsOry,


Welcome to the community.


I'm glad that you enjoyed making the high heel rack. I had a lot of fun making them also.


They are easy to make and are very useful when you don't have a a lot of space for your shoes.


Thanks for sharing a picture of your project. It looks great.


Again welcome to the community.

Posted 2012-09-12T15:48:22+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
Great idea, however it ended up being quite expensive and a pain in the rear. The molding cost me 45.00 and was so warped that it would not stay together when attaching to the wall. Only a very specific type of heel would actually stay put, the rest just slipped forward and fell off.
Posted 2015-02-24T18:58:25+0000  by k1ra
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