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Hoe to replace refrigerator water filter

Does anyone know how to replace the GXRTQR exterior water filter?
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Posted 2013-10-28T13:47:47+0000  by rrenee2k rrenee2k

Hi Rrenee2k,


The GXRTQR filter uses special quick connect adaptors. These adaptors attach to the water line.


The adaptors came with original filter kits, but are not included with the replacement filters.


Replacing the filter involves just a quick disconnect of the old filter and the quick connect of the new one.


The filter snaps into place.


There is a new filter model GXRTDR, which does away with the adaptors. It accepts the water line with a push in connection. Similar to the Chinese finger puzzle.


The line slips in the filter and is retained by an o-ring and c-clip. To remove the filter you pull off the c-clip to slide out the line.


If you do not have the adaptors for the GXRTQR, buy the GXRTDR filter.



Posted 2013-10-31T21:38:37+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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