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Holiday Crafting Failure

Have you ever had a project fail? They say that failure is part of life, and I believe them. I was asked to make a Christmas tree place card holder out of hardware nuts, simple right? I started the project confident and excited. After 3 failed attempts, I have given up. :smileysad: I’m going to go through all the attempts now. Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.  


Attempt #1- The Ambitious Attempt


I went to Home Depot and picked out 6 different size nuts that started out a 1 ½” and graduated down to ¼”. I also bought a ¼” x 2 ½” bolt. For the base I used a 1 ½” diameter washer. The idea was to stack the nuts from the bottom up, making a Christmas tree form. The first piece of hardware that I used was the washer, which I slid on to the bolt, then, using my hot glue gun I glued each bolt to the other. After I got to the ¼” bolt, I glued 2-  ½” lock washers, back to back for the star, which doubled as the place where the name card would go. This is how it turned out:


Attempt #1


How cute, right? From far away it is acceptable. But, considering people will be near this as they eat their dinner, it was not. There is hot glue oozing out of the seams. It also didn’t stand up straight and toppled at the slighted touch. On to attempt #2


Attempt #2- The Slightly Less Ambitious, just- let- it- be- functional Attempt    


The first thing I did was take away the bolt, it wasn’t really needed. I also took away some bolts, so instead of my original 6, I now had 4. I was hoping for a less slanted look. Using less glue also seemed to help. The new issue was with the star. Since the top nut was now bigger, gluing down the star was an issue. As you can see from the picture, there is a lovely glue bubble that is functional, but not at all appealing. Other than that, it looks better, right?


Attempt #2


Attempt #3- The Final Attempt (if this doesn’t work I’m done with this project)


I believe the old adage ‘3rd times the charm’, so I tried one more time. I thought if I got a push pin and glued the lock washers to the pointy part and then glued the push pin to the inside of the top nut it would eliminate the dreaded glue bubble. Well, here’s what happened:


Attempt #3


It looks good, but it doesn’t go a very good job at holding the name card, there just is not enough support.


If anyone out there has some words of wisdom, please share. I would one day like to have a Christmas tree made out of nuts. Maybe next year!


Happy New Year!

Christine :smileyhappy:

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Posted 2011-12-27T17:28:53+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL Christine_HD_ATL