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Holiday Lumber Guys


Holiday Lumber Guys


Holiday Lumber Guys


The holidays are here! What better way to get in to the holiday spirit then by making a set of holiday characters. This whimsical project is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Place these lumber guys inside by the tree or outside so they can greet your guests. No matter where you place them, they are sure to add to the holiday festivities.


Skill Level: Novice


Time: 2-4 hours, including drying time


Cost: $15- $30


Tools and Materials


• 1- 8 ft. long 2” x 4” pine cut to the following lengths: 22”, 18”, 15”, 12” and 9”
• 1 can of “Ivory” spray paint (for the top half of the elf and Santa )
• 1 can of “Heritage Red” spray paint (for the bottom half of Santa)
• 1 can of “Hunter Green” spray paint (for the elf hat and lower half)
• 1 can of “White” spray paint (for the snowman)
• 1 can of “Black” spray paint (for the snowman hat)
• 1 can of “Nutmeg” spray paint (for the reindeer)
• 1 can of “Gold” spray paint (for the base)
• Bella acrylic paint
• 2- 4” x 4”x ½” pieces of scrap wood
• Small Artist Paint Brushes
• 4 plain, white plastic cabinet knobs
• Holiday Sheeted Show
• 4” wooden dowel
• Small bell
• Hot glue gun with glue sticks
• Holiday printed Duct Tape
• 2- Curly Floral Sprays
• 8- 1 ½” L brackets with screws
• Drill with drill bit
• Shims


The measurements for each character are as follows:
• Base: 22”
• Elf: 9”
• Santa: 18”
• Reindeer: 12”
• Snowman: 15”


Step 1: Using the spray paint, paint each of your characters. The colors we used are in the “Tools and Materials” list. Applying 2 coats will ensure consistency and adequate coverage.


Step 2: Using the L brackets, attach the painted pieces of lumber to the 22” piece. Use 2 L brackets for each character.


Step 3: Once the paint has dried it’s time to decorate your characters. With all of the characters we used hot glue for the

eyes. **Please be aware that hot glue is very hot. When working with it, please take extreme caution.** 


Once the hot glue is dried, paint the eyes with black and white paint.


Here is a break down with everything that I did with each of the characters.


Snowman: The hat is made from two 4” x 4” pieces of scrap lumber. Glue it together and paint it black. For the nose, paint the little wooden dowel orange and attach with hot glue. Make the smile from small dabs of hot glue and then paint them black. Paint 3 of the cabinet knobs black and attach with hot glue.


Santa: The hat is made from red duct tape. Cut 2 triangles with the base measuring 5” and tape them together. Cut a strip of holiday snow for the trim of the hat and glue it on to the base of the hat. His nose is made from hot glue with a dab of red paint. His beard is made from multiple strips of holiday snow that have been twisted to look like a beard.


Elf: The elf hat, ears and scarf are all made from duct tape. For the hat and ears use a template and cut them out of duct tape. For the scarf, cut 2 pieces of duct tape measuring 18” and stuck them together sticky side to sticky side. Then, wrap the duct tape around the elf’s neck and secured it with hot glue.


Reindeer: For the antlers use two curly floral sprays. These can be found in the holiday decorations section at your local store. Attach them with hot glue. For the nose, paint the last cabinet knob red and stick it on with hot glue. The collar is made from two pieces of duct tape that have been stuck together, sticky side to stick side. The bell has been stuck to the collar with hot glue.


Step 4: Lastly make the “North Pole’ sign out of shims. The wood is pretty thin, so you can break it with your hands. The rougher it looks the better.


Happy Holidays!


Christine :smileyhappy:

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