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Hi I'm a college student that knows absolutely nothing about building things and I'm trying to put a bar counter into my house. There are 2 pillars roughly 5 feet apart and 4 feet away from a wall and it is wasted space, so I was interested in putting a bar counter in between the pillars and closing it off by connecting it to the wall on one side. I was thinking of just doing a plywood top and shelf and connecting it vertically with wooden legs (I don't know if that makes sense but it's basically as simple as you can get). I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what type of wood or finish I should use and if there is a difference between using nails vs. screws (I don't own a drill of any sort but I do have a hammer). I'm not looking to make this a huge project and it doesn't have to be very sturdy or anything but if there is any tips anyone could give me that'd be great. Also I would like to seal or attach it to the pillars in some way if at all possible, however since I am only renting the house it cannot be permanent. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this that would be very helpful. Thanks for your time!


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Posted 2011-08-10T21:24:00+0000  by whatdabuck whatdabuck

Hey there whatdabuck! I’m BlakeTheDiyGuy and I’m here to help! I think this is a great idea to make functional some of your wasted space. Our very own Shecandoit22 did a great post a while back for a community member who wanted to make an outdoor bar and I think her plan would work perfect for what you are looking for.




THIS LINK will take you to the post she did on building this bar!


I do think it would be a good idea to screw this together, although nailing the frame together would work you would definitely want to screw the fascia panels to the frame. I would just screw the whole thing together.  


The only variance from her original plan would be the width. You would need your interior 2x4s to be cut to 57” so that the outside beams would fit inside your 60” opening, and your interior shelves would need to be cut 56 ¾” so you have a bit of room to fit them.


I hope this is what you were looking for Andrea, if you need any more help please let us know! We are here to help!



Posted 2011-08-10T22:32:07+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy


     Thank you so much! This will really help. Do you have any tips for cutting theplywood to fit the frame? I know I have to cut the corners out on the shelves to fit but I'm not sure how to best go about this. Thanks so much for your help!


Posted 2011-08-10T23:00:08+0000  by whatdabuck

Hey again Andrea! How you cut the corners depends on what tools you can wrangle up from friends, or who you can bribe into helping you! Ideally the corners should be cut with a Jig saw. Mark your corner with a pencil and cut along the lines. When both lines are cut the corner piece will fall out. You can also do the same technique with a circular saw; it will just be less precise. The nice thing is that since the front will have a fascia board people won’t see if the corners aren’t perfect   =) .


Jig Saw:                                                                                            Circular Saw:


If you can’t get your hands on any power tools you can have Home Depot do the big cuts, and you can make the small corner cuts with a regular hand saw. It will take more time and sweat, but it will get the job done!



Good luck with your project Andrea, let me know if I can be of any more help!



Posted 2011-08-10T23:13:54+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy


    Thanks so much for your help! I can't wait to get started =D I'll let your know if any disasters occur haha


Posted 2011-08-11T16:20:52+0000  by whatdabuck
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