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Home Depot window warranty

I bought and installed a double hung window from Home Depot a few years ago. The inside glass has formed a fog like streaking on the inside that will not go away. Anybody know what the warranty on this is? I can't find a manufacturers label anywhere. If a warranty is still good would I have to find the receipt, or would Home Depot have a record of it? Thanks for any response.

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Posted 2012-08-26T19:03:23+0000  by ricleo2 ricleo2

Hi, Ricleo2.

I hate to hear you are having issues with the product, but I can look into this for you.

Please email me your full name/phone/address the window order would have been put under. If it was a special order, we'd still have that on record, but if it were a stock purchase, we will need more details beyond that.

Please remind me you posted on the How To Community.

Thanks, Nicki

Posted 2012-08-27T15:03:47+0000  by THDCustomerCare
I know this original question is more than 3 yrs old - but I am experiencing the same issue with a garden window we had installed. It was installed in 2002. Would it still be under some kind of warranty?
Posted 2015-11-15T21:54:53+0000  by reneex13
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