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Home Door Security - Door Opens Outwards

I live in a apartment and the door opens outwards. How do I secure that? It already has a dead bolt but I need extra security.


Please suggest me something. Note: I am looking for simple tool, because I cannot alter anything since I live in an apartment.



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Posted 2013-03-19T01:45:33+0000  by HomeSecu HomeSecu

Hello HomeSecu.  Welcome to the Community!


With an outswing exterior door, the hinge pins are exposed on the outside and thus accessible to an intruder.

The easiest way to fix this security vulnerability is to replace the hinges with these:


Door Hinges.png

The red arrows point to a stamped tab and it's nesting hole.  What this simple tab does is lock the hinge when the door is closed so that even with the pins removed the door cannot be pulled out.  Only when the door is open can you remove the door.


Since the deadbolt takes care of security on the latch side of the door, this simple hinge swap should handle the other side.


Is this what you are looking for?





Posted 2013-03-19T17:12:41+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Thanks for the response Chris. I am not sure. Let me give you more details. Maybe this give more info so that you can suggest best item for me


When door is lock, there is a gap between the door and sticket place which is visible from outside.


Look at the example pictures, (these are example pics not actual).. 





Posted 2013-03-20T02:43:35+0000  by HomeSecu

Well, for a gap that's too wide at the latch side, you could shim the door hinges to bring the door closer to the latch.


I don't see much of a security issue with someone trying to saw through the deadbolt using the gap access though.  These latches are hardened and not easy to defeat.


There are a couple of other things you could look at though.


First, longer screws to replace the short ones that attach the strike plate to the door molding.  Because the wall structure of a doorway should include both king and jack studs, in essence you have a 4x4 surrounding the door frame. Longer screws at the strike plate make for a much stronger lock system.  It also helps in this case that your door swings out as well.


Second, you could improve the deadbolt security with the use of a door guard like this:


Door Guard.jpg

These will help close the gap and strengthen the door where the deadbolt is.

They come in a bright brass color as well.






Posted 2013-03-22T17:22:35+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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