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Home Legend vinyl plank click lock installlation on stair treads

I will be installing a 4mm vinyl plank click-lock on stair treads and risers.  I would like to glue down the vinyl pieces to make sure they are secure.  As I understand, the backing of this vinyl flooring is fiberglass.  What type of glue should I use?  I imagine it would be one that is applicable for fiberglass and the subfloor which is wood.  Any recommendations on what kind of glue or adhesive I should be using?
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Posted 2015-03-13T05:45:26+0000  by banyan98 banyan98

Hello banyan98 and thank you for your question on The Community.  We are glad that you are here. 

I spoke to the manufacturer who recommends using a Liquid Nails construction adhesive.  The formulation will keep the riser from dropping.  Be sure to maintain the expansion gap between the back of the tread and the next riser.

We have a post on the Community that may help you complete your project.

Additionally, you may want to consider installing matching Cap-A-Tread risers and treads (which include the stair nose); these are available online or through Special Order at your local Home Depot store.

Best wishes on your project and please keep us posted on your progress.

Posted 2015-03-13T15:36:37+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
Thank you for the response.  Cap-A-Tread is my preferred solution but too expensive that my budget will not allow.  I think planks will look just as nice.  I plan on using the aluminum stair edging for the nosing.  this is cost effective and skid resistant and readily available at HD.  This is for a rental by the way so I am limited on budget.

Some follow-up questions:
1. Do you have the HD SKU number of the liquid nail or the exact description?
2. Do you think expansion will be a problem given that the area of treads and risers are very small?
Posted 2015-03-15T17:01:47+0000  by banyan98
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