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Home legend click lock hardwood

Hi everyone! I quickly looked through some posts but I didn't see an answer to the question "what does it sound like when you walk on installed Home Legend click lock hardwood flooring?" Distressed Barrett Hickory 3/8". Does it sound hollow like pergo flooring? I would be installing over a plywood subfloor after we rip up the carpet on the main level. Does this flooring require some type of additional underpayment? Is it recommended to use a vapor barrier even though it's being installed over plywood subfloor? Would that help with sound? I did read that this can be glued down, I prefer NOT to do that. Has any one used this in mixed width 3 1/2 " and 6 1/2". I believe I read that it not only comes in random lengths but also random width, I may have misread it. Seems to me that would not be a cohesive look. Which woukd be better (if it's not random width) 3 1/2" or 6 1/2" for  about 1500 sq ft, entire main level except for kitchen? What do you use under coffee table legs etc to keep from scratching the floor? What about bar stools that would be sliding in and out all the time? Would tit decrease the home value since it isn't a true wood floor?  I know, ttoo many questions, but I want to choose the correct flooring for my project. 
Thanks for any feed back,
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Posted 2015-03-27T02:03:06+0000  by HDRockerCgirl HDRockerCgirl
It's described as an "engineered" floor which to me means a man-made substrate with a layer of real wood on top.  In this case the substrate is HDF (high density fiberboard).  Engineered flooring gives you the look of real wood, dimensional stability, and ease of installation.  In this case, with the product being 3/8" thick, the layer of real wood has to be pretty thin (and it looks that way from the pictures).

My gut reaction is that it is going to sound exactly like a laminate floor.  That sound may be attenuated by the use of an underlayment but the installation instructions don't say what that should be.  You'd had to contact the manufacturer for recommendations.  The other alternative, of course, is to glue it down.

My reading is two widths and random lengths.  You'd have two row widths that you would alternative in some pattern that's pleasing to you.  Maybe wide, narrow, wide, narrow or wide, wide, narrow, narrow. 

Use pads under chair and table legs.
Posted 2015-03-27T09:56:54+0000  by Adam444
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