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I replaced a dripping faucet in a kitchen sink and it works fine, but at the bottom where it connects to the turn off valve. Where the hose hooks to the valve the joint where it twist and turns is dripping, i didn't touch it or anything. Will i need to get a new hose.



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Posted 2011-03-12T23:09:51+0000  by TLM017 TLM017

Hey Tammy and welcome to the community! It sounds like what may have happened is that over the course of your faucet install you may have unsettled something.  A simple check is to first:



  • Turn off the water at both your valves. 
  • Next disconnect the hoses at the valves and connect them to the opposite valve. 
  • Turn the water back on slowly and then check the connections. 
  • If the same valve is leaking then you will need to replace the valve. 
  • If you find there is a leak at the opposite valve instead it was the hose that needed to be replaced. 

After confirming which was causing the problem remember to re-connect the proper hose the the proper valve. Then it's a quick jot down to your local store for the correct replacement part.  Now this is not a guaranteed way to discover the problem but, I have found it a pretty handy way to kill two birds with one stone. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to post them.







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Posted 2011-03-13T14:45:53+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

It seemed to be the cold valve and i moved it around and as of right now that has worked and looening it connector at the faucet itself may have helped too.

Posted 2011-03-13T16:03:25+0000  by TLM017
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