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Hosta Information Needed

I love hostas. I love the common but I want some more varieties of hosta plants. I would like the variegated varieties with a white ring around them. I have read a lot on them. I need all types of tips on growing them. I found some reads about ways to grow huge hostas but I need several different varieties. Can anyone tell me what varieties of hostas these are and if Home Depot sells them or not?

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Posted 2016-05-23T03:14:12+0000  by gloriaalfred gloriaalfred

Howdy gloriaalfred,


Hostas have become a very popular perennial in gardens in because of their ease of growth, low maintenance and great colors in. There are nearly 2000 different varieties of hostas. The types of Hostas available vary by location.

The types you posted seem to be ‘Patriot Hosta and a “Virginia Reel Hosta” and there are others that look very similar and can easily be mistaken or used as a replacement.

The best thing you can do is visit your local Home Depot and see what which Hosta’s they are carrying. Another idea is to purchase seeds and get exactly what you’re looking for.


Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave

Posted 2016-05-23T19:20:44+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

Fifty Shades of ………..Green!!!


This is it the perennial plant I love best…Hosta!


Hostas are fantastic plants for any garden…sun, shade; moist, dry…they are durable and dependable. 


They become ever present and accentuate, and compliment all that they are planted with.  Sometimes I think that people shut off the notion of planting hostas because they think that they are a boring plant…that is so, so, far from the truth.

The reality of this plant is; that hostas are very exciting! There are new varieties being developed and cultivated every year. 


The color mix is spectacular; deep green, chartreuse, silver, blue, grey, white, spotted, swirly, striped, the combinations are endless…Oh, and then the texture, there is : smooth, wrinkly, puckered, wavy, scalloped edge, serrated edge, and curled edge. Leaf shape can be oval, pointed, round, and heart shaped .The overall plant can be; Tall, short, wide, narrow….enormous and petite!


Hostas are not known for their flowers, but they all do flower. The flowers are a bonus! They may be understated, but the blossoms of the hosta plants are truly beautiful! Some of the flowers are scented, the blooms are in shades of; lavenders, blues, white and pinks. The flowers tower on stocks, above the foliage, like flags, calling and boasting of the beauty that grows below.


There are hundreds upon hundreds varieties of hosta, each unique, each different, each with their own name: ‘Big Daddy’, ‘Hanky Panky’,’Extasy’ ,’Great Expectations’, ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Love Pat’, ‘Pandora’s Box’, so, so many, and more to come!


Hostas have soul! Hostas perform all season long with grace and elegance. Hostas are very reliable; they are the bones and guts of gardens all around the world. Hostas can be planted in containers and will return season after season.  After a few years hosta can be dug up and divided, split into sections to give to your favorite gardening friends. The beautiful, individual leaves of the hostas add great drama to cut flower arrangements. Hostas are a very giving plant.


I adore hosta plants each and every one! So many, all different, none boring.  Give your garden some soul, plant some hosta plants pick one shade, pick fifty shades…. there is definitely one that will tickle your fancy!


Stop by your local Home Depot and check out the tuberous bare root selection of hostas, available in many gorgeous shades of green. Purchasing root starts is an economical way to start a hosta garden, and you will see results this year!


The above photos were taken several years ago at a visit I had to: The Plant Group in Franklin, Connecticut.


The memories of that day are still fresh, and very green, in my mind; the rows upon rows of cool and deep green hues were endless! The Plant Group is  one of the Home Depots premium growers. The fields in the pictures are of plants that were brought to Home Depots throughout the north east.


I look forward to seeing all the new varieties of hosta that will be shipped into The Home Depot this season!!  

Greetings gloriaalfred,

I love Hosta as well!! Above is a post from several years ago, i hope this helps you with some ideas a names of  the all mighty Hosta!  What is your zip code? If you are in the Boston, Ma. area i may be able to help you with your search, let us know! 


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Posted 2016-05-24T13:52:11+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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