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Hotel Room Paint Color Help Needed

We are repainting our hotel, a 60-room Quality Inn & Suites. And, I'm tortured by all the color choices! I'm looking for color suggestions for the lobby, hallways, guest rooms and guest room bathrooms. For now, I'm focused on the rooms. 

Any suggestions for best hotel room colors? Our bedding is gold. Carpet and curtains are gold, brown, green. New furniture is dark wood, almost java.

Should the whole room be one color? Should there be one accent wall? Grateful for any ideas. :-) Thank you!!!
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Posted 2015-12-30T19:47:44+0000  by colorblindinnv colorblindinnv

Hello colorblindinnv and welcome to the Community.


I too find choosing colors the most difficult part of a painting project.  Home Depot has the Project Color app that allows you to take a photo of your room and try out virtual color.  I have also found that the staff at the Home Depot paint desk are very helpful.  Stop in the store to collect color keys to take back to your hotel, to match up complimentary color groups. Also check out the Color Center online.


I would like to introduce you to Home Depots Pro Reward program.  You can earn up to 20% off of your paint purchases at the register, year round. It’s free to register on line or in the store.  ( When checking out at the register use your phone # to look up your account for all your purchases and your paint discounts.)  For saving right away talk to one of Home Depots Contractor Sales specialist about your project, to escalate the process.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2015-12-31T14:57:14+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Hi colorblindinnv,

Absolutely use an accent wall!

Personally, I like Ralph Lauren Wicker Mat (IB46) on three walls.

It will work fabulously with your existing decor and will also make the rooms look larger.

Try these colors in sample size to select your accent wall color ... or use them all:
Estate RL1252
Napoleon RL1836
Oculus Blue RL1747
Minotaur RL1086

Finally, save the labor of painting two coats by using Behr Marquee.

This one coat paint allows you to finish a room with half the labor as well as half the paint.

Since you're painting 60+ rooms, your savings will be compounded.

Click the link for the video: "How Much Paint Do I Need?"

Watch Our How-To Video

Your local Paint Associate will be happy to assist you.
Posted 2016-01-05T21:51:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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