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House Stain Color Matching

A couple of years ago I bought several cans of Behr house stain in a custom color.  Within the past month, I needed to buy an additional can and was told that the color coding system has changed for Behr.  I planned on using the label on the lid to match, but the associate told me that he would have to color match the stain itself.  I was curious if a crosswalk existed between the old color coding system and the new.  I can't imagine it doesn't, but have been wrong before.  If this doesn't exist, any suggestions on how to match the stain because the can I bought does not match the older stain nearly as close as I want it to.  Thanks in advance.

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Posted 2013-09-27T18:41:59+0000  by csstainer csstainer



First, i am assuming you are talking about solid hide stain, rather than semi-transparent.


Unfortunately, the HD paint associate was correct. About a year ago, HD converted to new "no VOC" colorantss. Most of the colorants retained the same strength, but D-green and E-blue became significantly stronger. If the old formula contains these colorants, and the old formula is used, it will not match.


I asked the same question of Behr:  is there not some conversion formula to reduce the strengths of the D and E.. According to Behr, the answer is no. Where the colormatch computer formula did not give good results, I have on occasion reduced the D and or E by half and then started slowly adding them back in. This is very time consumning and requires an HD associate willing to do it.  HD associates frequently "tweak" formulas which the computer didn't quite get right. If you can leave a sample for several hours, so the associate can do it during the less hectic hours, it would be appreciated.


Be forewarned, if you are trying to do spot touch ups here and there, it is highly doubtful the new formula will be dead on correct. In fact, even if you still had some of the original stain, touch ups would probably show. The safest way to do touch up is to square off whole sections of wall to a natural cut off point,  such as an inside or outside corner


Hope this has helped.

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Posted 2013-09-27T23:05:29+0000  by ordjen
Very helpful - thanks again. I will add that the associate was very patient in trying to replicate the color, but it was still a little off. I may try again one weekday evening and see if it can be improved on.
Posted 2013-09-28T12:04:54+0000  by csstainer
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