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House built in 1976 with aluminum siding

How to and what to use when cleaning, priming, and painting white aluminum siding?

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Posted 2013-03-07T20:31:52+0000  by dbclary44 dbclary44

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Let's try and break this down easily into some simple steps for you to follow along with:


  • Cleaning

As far as cleaning older aluminum, you'll be relieved that you don't have to sand every single square inch of it for a good cleaning. You will though, want to get a power washer for the area. With older metal siding like yours, the main concern is towards oxidation. This comes naturally with age and can be seen as a discoloration which can vary from heavy to slight depending on how old your siding is. Older styles tend to show heavier discoloration than their more recent counterparts. A power washing will help remove this oxidation and restore the original color and ensure that your siding is clean enough to accept paint. If you don't see yourself using a power washer that often in the foreseeable future, then I would suggest making a rental of it from your local store's tool rental center.


  • Priming

The use of a primer for this job isn't quite necessary, especially given the fact that you're able to find paints that already include a primer base in them, like our Behr Ultra line. The main concern for this job is to merely make sure the area is cleaned adequately, as highlighted in the first step. However if you so desire to use a primer, then I would suggest using an acrylic primer.


  • Painting

The paint you use for this job is just as important as the prep work done for it. I recommend using a completely acrylic style paint for this job, as they contain high elastomers. You may have heard of the term elastomeric before, and this is exactly the area where it comes into play. Elastomeric materials hold up much better to stress and strain, and will return to their original shape far better and easier the higher their count is, just like other elastics. 
Aside from that property, 100% acrylic paints will not oxidize so your sidings previous problem will soon become a thing of the past! 


As mentioned above, our exterior line of Behr Ultra paints are your best bet for a durable and long-lasting coat!~


If you have any other questions on this job or things we can clarify further for you, feel free to ask!~ = )

Posted 2013-03-07T21:12:41+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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