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House paint (flat)

I have a newer home & the paint through out the house is flat plat, what can I use to wash away stains & hand prints without messing up the paint?



                                                                                                                                Thankyou, Debra

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Posted 2013-01-12T22:34:03+0000  by DebraFerris DebraFerris




If your house still has the original contractor's paint on it, it may be very difficult to wash those walls. Often builders use inexpensive, chaulky, porous paint  Water used in washing will immediately be sucked into the paint along with the dirt.


How to test if you have such paint? Wet your hand with clean water and place it on the wall. If the paint immediately darkens, showing the outline of your hand,  and no water is left on the surface, you have contractors grade paint. If you try to wash this type of paint, large amounts of paint pigment will come off with the wash water.  A better course would be to commence with a  priming and painting program! Priming with a premium primer is extremely important if this situation exists.


However, should your house have a decent grade of flat paint on the walls, the washing process is as follows:


You should avoid spot cleaning of dirt with a rubbing motion. Such rubbing of a spot will "burnish" the paint, causing a shiny spot where you have rubbed. Rather, whole sections of walls should be wet down with the cleaning solution, starting from the bottom and working your way up the wall. Why from the bottom up? If washing is done from the top down, dirty water will run down the dry wall causing streaks in the paint which will be difficult or impossible to remove.


You want to wash the walls with a soft natural or artificial sponge, using gentle figure 8 types strokes. You want to let your washing detergent gently soften and lossen the dirt. Avoid rubbing! For large areas, I like to load up a garden sprayer with the solution and wet down the wall starting from the bottom and working upwards. Naturally, you will have to protect your carpet or hardwood floors from getting wet. This is done by taping plastic to the baseboards, forming a trough to catch the water coming down the walls. Also tape elctrical outlets and switches closed.If you use this system, you merely have clean water in your bucket with which  to rinse the walls and pick up the dirty water which reaches your trough.


What cleaning product to use? TSP is often used for wall washing. However, TSP requires a thorough rinsing of the walls to remove all the TSP. My personal favorites for wash washing are either Dirtex  or Soilax powder. Both these products have been around for decades. Both contain no phosphates and both do not require the thorough rinsing as does TSP. Both have a pleasant, clean smell.


Hope this has been of help


Posted 2013-01-13T04:16:50+0000  by ordjen
Hi I have this same kind of paint, my kids have worn it! Can't I touch up paint it or would it be obvious? What would be the best white paint to use if I can't touch it up?
Posted 2013-01-29T05:20:28+0000  by Summer_harvey42




One of the ironies is that that horrrible contractor's paint touches up very well if you happen to know what was used or still have samples left by him. What these contractor's paints have is that they are dead flat, without any sheen. If you can find the same color, you should be able to do a reasonable job of touching it up. Just don't waste your time trying to wash it!


However, as stated above, the ultimate solution is to prime and paint the rooms with  quality materials. Again, one of the ironies is that quality paint will not hold up in only one coat over these extremely dry, chaulky paints. The color may cover in one coat because the walls are sucking up so much paint, but the sheen will be very uneven.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-01-29T06:34:27+0000  by ordjen
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