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How Can I make my window air conditioners more secure to prevent accidental falling?

I reside in a private building  where inspectors were making rounds and informed my landlord that all tenants that owned window air conditioners had to find a solution to  secure them to the window it self,  so that it will be safe and help in preventing them from falling from the windows.  I have two and I am seeking suggestions in how I am going to comply with this issue., and do it inexpensively.

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Posted 2011-06-19T06:21:28+0000  by mcke71 mcke71

Thanks Chris !

This solution sounds plausible. One  problem., Where do I purchase the brackets? Does home depot have them, along with the plywood needed to affix it ? Just to let you know, I am a female attempting to solve this problem.

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Posted 2011-06-19T22:45:46+0000  by mcke71

Hello and welcome to the community mcke71.


We can't have you being that guy from the insurance commercial who's AC falls onto someone's car so lets see if we can't get you fixed up with a solution.


The simplest way to make sure the AC stays in place is to add a small platform for the outside of the AC casing to rest on. This platform can be as simple as a 3/4" thick section of plywood held in place with some sturdy L-brackets.


Another possible solution is to remember that many AC's include screw wholes within the casing that allow you to secure the AC to the window frame. 


Now the platform solution may or may not be feasible depending on your building rules so be sure to check with the appropriate parties. If these solutions don't apply to your particular situation be sure to get back to us so we can help find just the right one for you.




Posted 2011-06-19T13:59:10+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Another, perhaps easier and less expensive, solution would be to keep the upper sash from moving upward.


Many air conditioners have pre-drilled holes in the top lip throught which you can drive screws into the actual windiow sash.  This also deters theft because on would have to lift the entire window sash and the connected air conditioner to open the window.  If there are not holes in the top lip, dirll them yourself and use sturdy screws.


Another solution is to use window stops designed to keep windows from opening more than a few inches.  The primary usage of these stops is to keep children from falling out of a window, but there's no rule that the stops can't be placed at a height that will keep the sash securely against the top of the a/c.  The window can't be raised, so the air conditioner can't escape.  All stops have some provision to move them out of the way (swing, fold. etc.), so you can still open the window fully when desired, or when it's time to remove the air conditioner.


The other solution offered to you, building small ledges, also has merit, and I've used them myself for my larger machines.  If your air conditioner is small, any of the suggestions would suffice.  If it's larger, then maybe a combination (ledges and fastening it to the window) would give you rhe best results.  As for angles, you can buy just about any size in most hardware store.  If you get them in a metal that will resist rust, that would br preferable.  If you can't find simple metal angles, or if you want to be more decorative, use shelf brackets.

Posted 2011-06-20T05:24:13+0000  by furbutler

Hey mcke 71,


I just wanted to let everyone in on an item that the Home Depot sells in-stock as well as online. We do sell pre-packaged AC supports, one for light-duty units (around 8000 BTU's or smaller) and heavy-duty supports as well. 


They should be found in the AC area and look something like this...

AC support.JPG


Just another option to consider when it comes to safely supporting your AC.


Hope this helps you out, 


Posted 2011-06-20T13:44:00+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks Joe I'll have to get some of these out and into the Ac area of my store :robotvery-happy:.




@furbutler Those are some great suggestions as well. I'm sure mcke71 will have this taken care of in no time with great info like that.

Posted 2011-06-20T13:51:30+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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