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How Do I Remove Extra Wall Spaces?



I want to remove a couple of wall space that gets in my way so i can open up my closet and make it bigger. How do i remove these wall? 

Below is a picture of my closet and i have outlined the wall that i want to remove in black.



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Posted 2012-01-01T17:59:37+0000  by Memory Memory

Removing the actual wall space is the easy part.  There are 2 big things to check first though.  First is making sure it's not a bearing wall space.  You can judge this by where it may be in the house structure ( tip: check your ceiling joists in the room with a stud finder on the ceiling.  If they run in the same direction, or parallel to the wall you want to open up, you're probably ok opening it up.)  Any good dad could also figure it out for you too. 

The other big thing is the possibility of electric in those spaces.  Don't just go crazy with the sawzall or you may end up with a mess on your hands.  Once the bearing issue is figured out, and if you're good to go there, get a drywall saw and cut a channel at the top of the sections you want to remove and do the same down low too to check if any electric is coming down from above the ceiling or up from below the floor.  Once this is all figured out, grab the sawzall and a prybar and you're good to go.

Posted 2012-01-02T02:31:42+0000  by BigDanT
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