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How To Bring Bermuda Grass Back from Dormancy


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There is a wide variety of lawn grass across this great nation.



We, here in Atlanta are experiencing Spring like temperatures and the lawn weeds that are associated with them.



Bermuda lawns are still dormant and brown, but are splashed with unwanted patches of green growth.



Image Herbicide utilizes Imaziquin as its active ingredient. Image will kill unwanted broadleaved weeds as well as weedy grasses like poa-annua.








Image is intended for use in established Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, St. Augustine and Buffalo Grass. Apply to the soil surface of the lawn, allow 24 hours for it to dry. Then, 1 to 7 days afterward, water the Imaziquin down into the rootzone of the weeds. Normal rainfall will suffice for this, in most cases.




Dandelion, spurge, henbit, chickweed, wild onion, fescue, rye and poa-annua are the most common weeds in this region's Bermuda grass.




These warm season grasses can benefit from Image when used according to the label directions. Do not use Image in fescue lawns.




I also recommend the use of pre-emergent all year long in Bermuda lawns. Prevent the weeds to reduce the need for post-emergent herbicide, like Image.




LescoDemension.jpghalts.jpgVigoro pre-em-fert.jpg




These products will help keep your Bermuda lawn weed free!







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