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How To Build A 6 foot long 4 feet high home bar.

Hello Everyone,


I am in need for help building a 6 feet long 4 feet high home bar. I don't need any shelving at all in the bar or a sink just simple and plane can anyone give me a detailed description on what type of wood I need. Please include the total amounts of each wood needed and the type of nails also needed to place in the wood once I get the frame work up I can handle all the rest. Thank you all for your help.  

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Posted 2011-06-12T23:41:49+0000  by chatmis chatmis

Welcome to the community chatmis! It just so happens that community member Shecandoit22 just wrapped up a very similar post for another community member, and with a few edits to size it should fit your needs perfectly. The original post can be found here.


In the post that Shecandoit22 wrote up the bar dimensions needed were 4’x2’x3’. The only major changes to the layout she used would be the length and height.  We need to adjust the overall width down to 36” and the internal framing brace down to 33” (33” allows for the 1 ½” thickness of the 2”x4” on either side). Lastly make the legs 46 ½” tall so when you add the top frame your overall height is still right at 48”. You will need to build two of these as 6’ is quite a span not to be supported in the middle. The middle support created by the two framing units will make sure the bar can support weight placed on top of it without sagging. 




You stated that you didn’t want shelves but I would encourage you to leave the braces that form the shelves in her design in place. They not only will help give the bar an extra level of rigidity but will also make life much easier if you do ever decide to add some. There’s nothing wrong with a little future proofing ;).


Material wise, standard 2”x4” studs will work fine if this will be indoors. An easy way to estimate and get the best value on your wood purchase is to estimate the total vertical length and then total horizontal lengths. This allows you to purchase longer pieces of lumber then cut out what ever lengths are required. In this case a single bar section has a total vertical length of just over 15’, which means that a 16’ long 2”x4” would provide use with all four legs for one bar section with some to spare. Now to tie it all together you can use framing nails, I’d recommend a length of at least 3”, but I prefer decking screws. The threads of the screws provide for a much better grip and using a drill will be that much faster. I hope this answers your question and get back to us with any others you may have. Be sure to post images of your finished project!



Best Answer

Posted 2011-06-13T14:14:20+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

So all I would really need to build the frame is the 2 by 4s and the screws.

Posted 2011-06-14T16:07:40+0000  by chatmis

chatmis wrote:

So all I would really need to build the frame is the 2 by 4s and the screws.

You would need some 2x4s, 3" decking screws and also something to finish the top with. Being that you are using 2x4s for the frame in my opinion some 2x8 lumber would fit the style perfectly.

For the 24" inch deep bar you would need 4 pieces of 2x8"x8's (actual width 7 1/4") which planked together would give you a total of 29" and 2-1/2" of overhang on the front and the back of the bar. For the side overhang trim the 2x8-8’s (96") down 77"inches long to replicate the depth of the overhang that’s on the narrow side of the bar. You don’t need to have an overhang you can cut the top 2x8s to exact size (6’) but in my opinion it is just more esthetically pleasing than box design.


Posted 2011-06-14T20:20:43+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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