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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

How To Build A Spring Nest In Time For Easter



How to Create a Springtime Nest


Just the word nest brings to mind a very special place or thing; a nest is created deliberately and on purpose.


Birds tediously work to build a nest to lay their eggs; squirrels build nests to provide shelter, a refuge to survive the winter.  Expectant moms go into a “nesting” mode as they prepare for the arrival of their new baby, a fresh place for a new beginning.


Spring brings new beginnings, a season of rebirth; a nest is a symbol of the spring season! Greet the season; build a nest to welcome the long awaited spring, find the glory in a new beginning!

Tools Materials



Twine string

wall paper glue

sheet moss

Spanish moss


paper plates

empty jar or cup




Step 1: Blow Up A Balloon 

Start by blowing up balloon to the size that you wish your nest to be, *note that you will only be using the bottom third of the balloon.



Step 2: Wrap Twine Around The Balloon

Take a small piece of masking tape and secure the start of the twine to the balloon, then wrap the twine in a spiral shape to the top of the balloon. Use a few small piece of tape as you go to secure the twine. Place the balloon nest side up into jar or cup.



Step 3: Dip Twine Into Paste

Cut several pieces of the different twines and put them right into the paste, stir them so they are really coated, then one by one take them out. Hold the twine straight up over paste container and with your thumb and fore finger run them down the twine removing most of the excess paste.



Step 4: Add Twine With Glue to the Balloon

Place each piece of paste soaked twine onto the existing twine around the balloon.



Step 5: Brush On More Glue

Using the paint brush: brush more paste onto the twine as you go.



Step 6:  Add Mosses

Add Moss to the outside of the twine.




Step 7: Dry

Let dry for a least 24 hours.



Step 8: Pop The Balloon

Once the paste is thoroughly dry, pop balloon! The balloon may be a bit stuck to the sides of the nest, just tug at it lightly it will come right off.






You have created a nest!  Fill it with the sweets of the season, and use it as holiday table accent piece; or place it in cellophane bag fill it with chocolate eggs and give it to “some-bunny” special!



This is great project for children, schools, and families!


 I now have a new appreciation for all those hard working birds, who make their nest from mud, twigs, trash with a much greater detailed design, using their beaks!  


Welcome to the long awaited spring, rejoice in the new season!  

Create a charming, spring table-scape with a combination of moss trees and handmade, sweet filled nests!  


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