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How To Care For Your Tomato Plants

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Howdy Backyard Farmers,


Tomatoes and other vegetables are heavy feeders and do better when provided with plenty of nutrients to grow throughout their growing season. Fertilizers help provide the extra nutrients that tomatoes need to develop quickly. A question I get often is: “when should you be fertilizing tomato plants and what can I do to make them as healthy as can be?.” well if you read on we can address these questions.



When fertilizing tomato plants after the fruit have set I always make sure that the tomato plant is watered well. If the tomato plant is not watered enough before being fertilized it can take up too much fertilizer and burn the plant cells. After watering, spread the fertilizer on the ground starting approximately 6 inches from the base of the plant. Fertilizing too close to the tomato plant can result in fertilizer running off onto the stem and burning the tomato plant.



Consistent watering produces stronger plants and larger fruit. In the height of summer, water 2-3 times a week. (Rainfall counts.) You’ll help build your tomato’s root system. Avoid overhead watering, which spreads diseases on leaves. Let water sink into the ground to help plants develop strong root systems. When the soil surrounding your tomato plant is moistened 6-8” deep, you’ll know you’ve done your job well.




 Another important practice is that of thinning out overgrowth of your tomato plants.  This is usually caused by over fertilizing. If you let your tomatoes get too bushy they are prone to fungus and bugs.  I wait till they are about 3 feet tall before I start to cut the bottom branches off. The main focus of my trimming is to get the ones touching the ground and with any signs of fungus or pests.


Hopefully on my next post I can show you how great my tomatoes turned out.


Why not post some photos of your tomato plants so we can all share our experience of how our vegetable gardens turned out.


Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave



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