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How To Clean Paint Brushes And Rollers

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Quality paint brushes and rollers make painting quick and easy, but they are often quite expensive and should be properly maintained to maximize their life.




Let’s take a look at proper procedures to use.




Clean your brushes immediately after you complete painting; this prevents the paint from drying on the brush fibers, causing the bristles to stiffen and shortening the life of the brush.


Follow the manufactures recommendations for cleaning and use the recommended solvent, mineral spirits or paint thinner for brushes with oil based paint on them, soap and water for water based paints.


When using oil based paints:



1. Use a paint brush comb will help remove the excess paint prior to cleaning with solvent.


2. Pour the solvent into a clean container and dip the brush in the solvent, using an up and down motion to help remove the remaining paint in the brush.  


Paint Brush and Roller Cleaner


3. Once the brush is clean of paint residue, shake or spin the brush to remove the excess solvent (brush spinners are available at your local Home Depot). If using a spinner, place the end of the brush inside a cardboard box to prevent the solvent from flying everywhere when you spin the brush.


Paint Brush Spinner



4. Finally use the brush comb to straighten the bristles and hang the brush to dry, if that is not possible, place the brush in the original keeper sleeve or lay it flat to dry.


When using water based latex paints:


1. Use a brush comb to remove the excess paint from the brush.


2. Place soapy water in a clean container, dip the brush in the water and work the bristles to remove the paint, rinse the bristles with clean water to remove any remaining paint and soap from the brush.


3. Spin or shake out the brush to remove any remaining water, straighten the bristles with the brush comb and hang the brush, place it in the brush keeper to retain its shape, or lay it flat to dry.


To Clean Rollers:


Remove the roller from the frame immediately after you finish painting. Do not leave the roller cover soaking in solvent or water.


When using oil based paint:



1. Using a brush comb/roller cleaning tool, remove the excess paint from the roller.


Cleaning A Roller


2. Use only solvents recommended by the roller manufacturer, use of the incorrect solvent will damage the roller.


3. Place the solvent on a clean container and dip the roller in the solvent until all of the paint residue is removed.


4. Rinse the roller in clean solvent and place on a dowel or rope to dry, do not stand the roller on end or place flat on the nap to dry.



When using water based latex paint:


1. Use a brush/roller cleaning tool to remove the excess paint from the roller.


2. Using a clean container, wash the roller in soapy water and rinse until clean.


3. Store the cover on rope or a dowel to dry, do not leave the roller standing on end or laying on the nap to dry.


4. Allow the roller to dry thoroughly before storing in the original cover, or in a clean dust free container.


High quality brushes and rollers if properly maintained, will last for years.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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