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How To Create Chalky Finish Terra Cotta Pots

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Spruce up and give a fresh new look to your old tired clay pots with: Americana Décor Chalky Paints!


Tools Materials

Paint Brush

Sanding Sponge

American Décor Chalky Paints


Terracotta Pots


Step 1: Clean Pots


First, I gathered up some old, well-worn clay pots from the shed, dusted them off, and washed them with a bleach and water mix, then let them dry thoroughly.


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Step 2: Paint


The chalky paint is so easy to use and goes on really well, the pots just soaked it up. The drying time was about 10-15 minutes, if that, depending on the thickness of the application.

I chose to do light, and sparse coat because I wanted the rustic, worn look for these antique clay pots. Just be creative, don’t worry about being precise. I used three colors and randomly painted the pots.

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Step 3: Sand

Using a sanding sponge, I lightly rubbed the bottom and seams of the painted pots to give them a neat, worn look.


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It was quick and easy, and the brush clean-up, with warm water, was a snap.
Group your new-old pots, or spread them around your home… will enjoy making the old, new again!

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