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How To Faux Finish Using ML Precious Metals

Patty, a community member, recently asked an Email question about using Martha Living Precious Metals on her cabinets.


My reply is below:


Hello Patty!


Thanks for the shout out!


It appears that you intend to faux the copper color over your coffee brown cabinets.


I would recommend you complete two coats of the Coffee Brown and then faux with Martha Living Copper Leaf Metallic Glaze.


You can blend one-part Copper Leaf with four-parts faux glaze to make a wipe-off glaze that will add a hint of the copper color to your cabinets.


The technique is demonstrated in this video I produced for another community member ... simply follow the steps using your products.



Here is another visual that I made when a community member said she wanted her cabinets to be a bit more contemporary.


BoisBorder.JPG The center panel is Faux Bois from Martha and the border is gold metallic full strength.


As always, I appreciate the question and the opportunity to help you reach your creative goal!


Come back and post a photo so we can share your success!


I can hardly wait to see your results!!!


PS I usually post Email inquiries on The Community so others can share both your questions and your results.

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Posted 2012-05-15T13:46:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL

HI Patinpaint,


So the faux paint mix will stick to the MSL metallic paint without any sanding?

If so, what if I wanted to use this same mixture on my current cabinets in the bathroom, they have no grooves for the paint to go. Will it still leave an antique sort of look after wiping it off? And would I need to sand my current cabinets?


Thank you,


Posted 2012-05-19T00:31:35+0000  by rdpchef

Hi Patinpaint,


So the faux glaze will stick to the two coats of MSL metallic without any problems?


If I wanted to just use the glaze mix, apply, then wipe off, on my current color cabinets, would I need to sand them first or just apply the glaze, wait 20-25 minutes then wipe off?


Thank you,



Posted 2012-05-19T00:52:01+0000  by rdpchef

Hi Patinpaint, 


Are you still around? I had asked another question but didn't hear back from you.



Posted 2012-05-29T01:43:08+0000  by rdpchef

Sorry Patty,


I have been away ... didn't mean to leave you hanging.


I asked two others Community Members to watch out for follow-up questions, but they apparently didn't see yours.


Again, I'm sorry!


So, on to your questions:


1) Yes, the faux glaze is a very sticky media and will stick to the ML Precious Metals without any sanding;


2) I would not sand you current cabinets, but I would use TSP to clean the surface before applying. TSP is a cleaner, but is also a paint prep that promotes adhesion. Finally, have a look at the desk one of my other customers finished in this post: WOW! Martha Living Metallic Glaze. Her technique can be repeated on your flat surfaces to create the same faux wood grain appearance even though there are no beveled edges on your cabinets; and


3) The mix of four-parts glaze to one-part paint is the most common. The glaze portion of the mix can be increased to create an even lighter veil of color, but reducing the glaze portion of the mix typically makes the color very dark ... almost solid with very little show-thru of the base color.


Finally, faux glaze is typically applied over a satin or semi-gloss finish. This allows the glaze to be manipulated on the slick surface. SANDING of any type before you apply glaze IS NOT RECOMMENDED. If you sand before applying faux glaze, the glaze will most likely embed into the finish and you will not be able to properly wipe it off.


NOTE: Wipe off typically occurs in 20-25 minutes because glaze commonly dries firm in about 30-minutes. In the project linked above, the wipe off time was only 2-minutes because she only wanted a hint of color. You should always execute a test before beginning the full project to establish a timeline. Prevent having to back up or remove dried glaze by only applying glaze to as many pieces as you can finish within that timeline.


Again, Patty I always appreciate the shout out for help!


And I apologize that we didn't get back to you sooner!!


And, please come back and share photos. We'd love to see your handiwork!!!

Posted 2012-05-29T14:52:27+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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