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How To Handle And Store Pool Chemicals

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Each year swimming pool owners and maintenance personnel suffer injuries and illnesses due to exposure to chemicals used to treat water in swimming pools and spas. In many cases, these exposures also harm bathers and others enjoying the pool area.


Acute exposures to dust and gases from Chlorine containing pool chemicals can lead to respiratory injuries, asthma, eye and skin irritation.


Safe handling, mixing and storing of pool chemicals is necessary to prevent unintended chemical exposures.


Safe Handling and Chemical Storage:


Manually adding chemicals to pool water must be performed by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Pool maintenance should only be performed by individuals who clearly understand safe handling and storage precautions of pool chemicals.


Here some pool chemical safety tips: 


1. Always add chemicals to water, never water to the chemical.


2. Always use the proper personnel protective equipment, such as safety goggles and gloves when handling chemicals. 


3. Chemical storage areas and pump rooms should be well ventilated with a separate ventilation exhaust to the outside.


4. Store incompatible chemicals away from each other, including liquids and solids and prevent water from rainfall or plumbing leaks from contacting chemical supplies.


5. Do not store flammable materials or ignition sources such as gas powered equipment in the chemical storage area.


6. Follow product label directions for safe disposal, never reuse containers.


7. Contact your local municipal recycling facility for proper disposal procedures for pool chemicals.


8. Always attend to pool chemical spills immediately. 


Follow these procedures and you have a safe and enjoyable pool season.


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