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How To Improve Your Kitchen With Little Cash

You don’t have to go to the extreme of remodeling your entire kitchen to make a difference, although, it would be nice, but not on your pocketbook. Upgrading a kitchen increases home value and makes the frequently used space livable. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have deep pockets to install custom cabinets or import marble countertops from Italy.

Here are a few DIY remodels that breathe new life into tired kitchens for a reasonable cost.

Add a Tile Backsplash

An easy way to revamp the look of your kitchen is to add a tasteful ceramic backsplash. One function of the backsplash is, of course, to protect the walls from splashes, but it can also provide pleasant contrast to the room, especially if you choose a glossy finish. You will pay a reasonable $5-$10/sq. ft. for the tile strips, but you can save even more money by installing the backsplash yourself.

Refresh, Don’t Replace, Your Cabinets

Sometimes replacing old cabinets with new ones is necessary, but more commonly, sandpaper and paint are a more prudent and cost-effective remedy. If existing cabinets are structurally sound, sand them down and slap a fresh coat of paint on. This will save thousands while providing your kitchen with much-needed rejuvenation.

Natural-colored cabinets were fashionable for decades, but dark shades soak up light, making rooms feel smaller. If your countertops are a darker shade, go light with your cabinets. This simple contrast creates a modern, flexible look that is easy to complement with colorful accessories, appliances, or furniture.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Hidden from view, the under-cabinet lights create an upscale look, and it’s a project you can probably do yourself. The variety of lighting options (LED, incandescent, fluorescent) means it’s relatively easy to find the look you want for an agreeable price. Installation can be as simple as sticking an LED strip under-cabinet with adhesive,(ribbon light) or you can go the permanent route by modifying the cabinets themselves.When it comes to accent lighting, you don’t have to install them just under the cabinets, if you have glass doors, why not install lights inside the cabinets to give a more dramatic affect. 

Reclaim Your Kitchen

For all the time you spend in your kitchen, it’s only reasonable that the space should be enjoyable. By gradually improving the room yourself – as opposed to paying someone for a full-scale remodel – you will increase your property’s value and gain an enhanced sense of ownership, which makes your house feel more like a home.

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