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How To Make A Kite



Have you always wanted to make a colorful kite to fly at: parks, beaches, or any fun outing?  Well I think I have just what you need to build a colorful custom Kite. So let’s get started. You’ll need a few items from your local Home Depot and here is the list what I used.





Saw or serated knife




3 foot or longer ruler

Small drop cloth  (.7 mil or thicker)

Tree Sap or Gorilla Glue

Spray Paint

Mason Twine

Masking Tape

5 foot bamboo plant stakes


Step 1: Layout The Kite Frame


We start by measuring the dimension of the stakes to make a centered kite about five feet high and four feet wide.  I like to mark the parts around middle where I will be tying it. This is where we need to have as much tension to keep the knot as tight as possible. I also like to use a little tree sap or glue to keep the knot in place.

Step 2:  Secure The Kite Frame


Now we need to use the saw or serrated knife to put a 1/8 or so notch on the side of the kite. I use some of the twine to reinforce the notches so they don’t get deeper. Use plenty of sap/glue to keep everything in place.




Step 3: Connect the Edges With Twine

This is usually the part where some help is needed.  The twine needs to be tight, but not bend the frame too much. When you have the frame as perfect as possible we add some tree sap/glue to hold it in place.



Step 4: Measure The Kite Sail

With our kite frame dried we unfold our drop cloth and put the kite frame on top. We take the ruler and marker to get a top and side mark about 1 inch more than we need. Now we fold the plastic and use the marker and ruler to make a diamond shape.


Step 5: Glue the Sail to the Kite

It’s time to use our tree sap/glue and add to the edge of the drop cloth plastic. Now we can fold over the edges and use some masking tape to hold it while it dries.


Step 6: Paint The Sail

When the kite is completely dry we turn over and color with some spray paint. This is where creativity is useful. I decided to use some bold colors to get an eye catching simple design but you can do whatever looks good to you.


Step 7: Create The Tail And Bridle

The tail I used is a bunch of long strips of left over plastic from the drop cloth. The main thing is to make sure they are at least 5 feet long. The bridle is the only part where you need to do some experimenting. Take a piece of twine about 6 feet long and tie a good strong knot on the bottom. Next tie the other side to the top and only leave about 5-7 inches of slack when the top is tied.


Tip: The bridle (or twine attached from the top to the bottom piece of bamboo) is the most challenging part. If the kite keeps twisting in circles, the knot is too low or you need more streamers for the tail.  If the kite flies too level to the ground you need to loosen and move lower.

Have Fun,


Coach Dave

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