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How To Paint A Pool

Looking to paint an inground gunite pool that has been previously painted with a rubber based pool paint.  Any particular tips or tricks on the method of accomplishing this...From what I understand it should be a power wash, acid wash and scrub with bristle brush, power wash again, let completely dry, 2 coats of a rubber based paint..Am I headed in the right direction?

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Posted 2013-08-18T18:04:03+0000  by dbarber3120 dbarber3120


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I think you are on the right path here...Below are a few things to consider before moving ahead with the project.


   There are extensive steps involved in properly preparing your pool for painting. There are different procedures for previously painted surfaces as opposed to pool shells that do not have a previous coating. In both cases, a thorough high pressure cleaning is best using a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Previously painted pools will likely then require an abrasive sanding with the grit size dependent upon which paint is to be used. Bare masonry surfaces may require acid etching and metal surfaces may require a primer. Do not acid etch a previously painted surface. Consult the Technical Data Sheet for the Pool Paint you’ll be using for specific surface preparation steps.


*If the previous paint is blistering and peeling, or if there are more than 4 older layers of paint present, consideration should be given to complete removal of the old paint before repainting.


   Epoxy Pool Paint can be recoated in approximately 4-6 hours. The Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint and the Synthetic Rubber Based Pool Paint both require 24 hours before recoating. The Water Borne Pool Paint can be recoated in 4-6 h.

Be patient! In good drying conditions, an outdoor pool requires 7 days of good weather before refilling the pool. For every day of rainy weather, add one more day to the 7 days. Indoor pools require 2 weeks due to the reduced ventilation and circulation inherent with indoor pools. Heaters or direct exposure to hot sun & weather unfortunately will not speed up these required cure time.

Posted 2013-08-18T18:58:10+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks for the helpful input...will look into those ideas prior to doing the job!

Posted 2013-08-18T23:26:03+0000  by dbarber3120
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