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How To Paint Dark Colors Without Leaving Streaks

Historically, we sell more deep-base, Navy, Burgundy, and other dark colors at The Paint Pit in Home Depot in the low-light months of the year. This year has been no different.

The technique is uniquely different than applying any other paint color because of the large volume of tint required to make deep-base colors. The average deep-base color contains between twelve- and sixteen-ounces of tint. While the large volume of tint builds the saturated color, it also thins the paint. Thinner paints take longer to dry. And, that's the key to painting dark colors without leaving streaks ... each coat of deep-base colors must dry at least six-hours. If you rush through and re-coat in less than six-hours, the second coat will re-wet the first and create streaks. This is the number one problem DIYers encounter when painting deep-base colors.

Face-to-face, I've discussed this problem with customers who have rushed through as many as seven coats without attaining uniform coverage. Those who wait six-hours or more after the first coat, typically attain coverage in two coats. This is even truer with the high-hide paint and primer-in-one products we offer today.

Behr Marquee guarantees one-coat coverage when using colors dedicated to this product; the colors on the Marquee display and approximately 550 more Behr colors at The Paint Pit. Ask your local Paint Associate to discuss these colors.

After recently using Marquee in my home, I can confirm that I attained one-coat coverage; with the only exception being where I scuffed the edge of the roller cover and created thinner show-thru spots.
In a larger room, I probably had five or six man-made scuff marks that required touch-up. Other than this exception, one coat covered.

Maintaining a saturated roller cover while painting is another way to improve coverage. When you notice the stream of paint becoming narrower than the roller cover, it is time to reload.

Hope you enjoy your gorgeous deep colors!

Pat InPaint
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Posted 2016-01-28T15:45:30+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL
Pat we appreciate all the expertise that you provide on the community!
Posted 2016-02-23T20:10:05+0000  by nivek
You are so welcome nivek!

Imagine the excitement of helping DIYers produce Pro results.

Then imagine that thousands of these people take your advice and come back to share their success.

It is very gratifying to see DIYers learn and then make the leap.

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