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How To Refinish Trim and Furniture

How To Refinish Trim and Furniture and Prevent Paint From Flaking

One of the most common questions at The Paint Pit is, "How do I refinish shiny trim or furniture?'


Then, almost immediately the DIYer will state, "I don't want to sand!"



The fact that a clear coat most often covers the existing finish requires a light "buff sanding" with 220-grit sandpaper to break the gloss.


Buff sanding is not sanding all the way down to the surface.


Rather, it is just enough sanding to break the gloss ... which promotes adhesion without making sanding marks or damaging the existing finish.

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Wipe off the sanding dust using a dry terry towel.


DO NOT use any solvents on your rag!


They can react with the existing finish and create ripples ... which would then require a full sanding to remove the damaged existing finish.



Primer acts like double-stick tape for paint; it adheres very well to the existing finish and creates a surface to which your new paint can easily adhere.


Zinsser Cover Stain derives its name from covering stained surfaces.


It is a great choice as the transition product from an older to a new finish.


According to the manufacturer Cover Stain, "Sticks to all surfaces without sanding. Dries quickly. Use any topcoat."

Which means you can use either oil- or water-based paint on top of Cover Stain.

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A clear coat may be added for extra protection, but most fully cured paints will be sufficient without an outer shell.


Paint typically cures in two-to-three days.


Water-based clear coats remain clear and will not yellow over time, but are also not as durable as oil-based clear coats.

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