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How To Strip Paint Off Furniture



Using a paint stripper to remove paint can seem like a daunting task. But, I’m here to tell you it isn’t as bad as you think! I have always wanted to refinish my nightstand, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how one of our new, green paint strippers worked. I was pleasantly surprised when it was easier that I thought it would be and the smell wasn’t nearly as bad as some other strippers that I have worked with before.







Paint or Stain

Paint Brush

Paint Stripper

Drop Cloth

All-purpose cleaner


Paper towels

Safety Goggles

Chemical Resistant Gloves





Step One:  Clean the piece with an all-purpose cleaner and dry with a clean rag or paper towel.



Step Two: Before you start, make sure to put on your protective wear. Even though this stripper is safe to use indoors, they still recommend using chemical resistant gloves, goggles, a mask and opening a window if you will be doing this indoors. This is particularly important if you are sensitive to fumes of any kind. Also keep paper towels on hand, just in case you get it on your skin. I had this problem a few times since I was wearing short sleeves.



Step Three: Spray the stripper on to the piece. I did one side at first, just to see how long it would take to work. For this piece it took about 45 minutes, but it can range depending on how many layers of paint are on there and what kind of paint is on there. Keep in mind: the stripper cannot dry on the surface, if it starts to dry before its ready, spray it with water. You will know the stripper it ready when it changes colors. No matter what stripper you use, make sure to follow the directions closely.



Step Four: After the stripper is ready, scrap the paint off. Have a trash can or paper towels handy to clean the scraper of paint.



Step Five: Wipe down the piece with water to remove any remaining stripper residue.



Step Six: After you have stripped off as much of the paint as you can, paint the surface. Side note: I initially wanted to stain the nightstand. However, in stripping it, I realized it was particle board, so I had to paint it. Sometimes in doing projects you have to change tracks a little bit. *smiles* 



Step Seven: If you want, you can paint designs with stencils too.



That’s it!


Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!




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