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How to Transform Your Yard with Fencing



Why Do You Want a Fence?


A fence can provide privacy and security, block noise, keep pets and children safe, and add to your property value.  Some fences fulfill variety of these requirements or you may choose to use a combination of fencing types to acquire your desired results.  Appearance, maintenance, climate, size, material availability are consideration for what type of fencing to choose. Think beyond the concept of just a fence with customizing options of landscaping, trim accents, architectural styling and color. 


Start With Planning


A good way to get started would be to contact your local municipal planning department to find if permits are required and what restrictions may apply. If you have a homeowners or neighborhood association they also may have guidelines to follow.   Since you will be digging holes it is very important to contact JULIE to determine where underground utilities like electrical, gas, water and sewers are located.  Verify your property lines from your plot of survey which you receive at the closing when you purchased your home and make sure you build on your property. Consider how your fence will impact your neighbors; let them know about your plans.  You may even be able to share the cost if they were considering a fence.  Put in writing any party fence agreements and details.  Open this Fencing Project Planner for more inspiration.


How Much Fence Do You Need?


Determine the amount of fencing by drawing a sketch of your yard; this does not need to be to scale.  Include in your drawing the placement of your gates, corners, end points, obstacles (trees, air conditioners, etc.) hills and slopes.  With sketch, pencil and tape measure in hand find the length of each side that will be fenced.



Location, Location, Location


Often fences in the front of a home are for aesthetics reasons, to dress up the curb appeal and blend with the neighborhood.  Several traditional types of fencing for the front yard are picket, wrought iron, rail, aluminum, stone or a combination.  Imagine using stone pillars for your post and wrought iron or rails in between.  Use a trellis instead of a gate for the  entrance  through your picket fence.



Backyard Fencing


Backyards can be used in so many ways, for a quite retreat, a place to do your hobbies, an outdoor dining area, and a water park and recreation space for the kids and pets. Imagine using your fence as a vehicle to display your art or a gallery for your flowering plants. The right fence can maximize your ability to utilize your yard.  Privacy fences can fulfill many of these functions.





Wood Fencing


Wood fencing is light weight and inexpensive. Wood fencing can be installed as panels or stick built.  It is available in a variety of species.  You can use reclaimed lumber. Wood fencing is easy to configure with many options and styles that add natural beauty and character.  It can be painted or stained to blend with its surroundings or contrast to pop out and accent an area.  



Vinyl Fencing


A vinyl fence initially may be slightly more expensive than wood but requires less maintenance so it could prove to be more economical in the long run. Vinyl has limited color choices and the availability of replacement panel and parts from the manufacturer in the future can become an issue.



Composite Fencing


Composites fences are a bit pricy compared to vinyl or wood.  Composites are available in a variety of color and styles and are very durable.  Composites have a natural appearance, very wood like. You should plan for your future needs because composite products may have the same replacement issues as vinyl.  


Veranda Composite Picket Panel





Trex Privacy Composite Panel




Stone Fencing


Stone fence are very aesthetically pleasing but very labor intensive to install and have height limitations.  


Aluminum Fencing


Aluminum is very good around pools because they don’t rust and allow for good visibility and come in sizes ranging from 3 to 6 feet tall with matching gates.



Chain Link Fencing


If your primary purpose is to keep the dog and kids contained, chain-link fencing is a very economical selection.  Strong durable and maintenance free, chain- link adds security with its wide range of available height up to 12 feet. Here is a Project guide on installing chain-link fencing and you can select this link to a video showing how to install chain link fencing.   It can be dressed up by adding privacy slats that are available in many color and materials or a let your green thumb show through by adding  flowering shrubs and other plantings inside and out. See below the different components of a chain-link fence.





Now that you have decided what type of fencing you want, the question arises as to how?  If you are interested in having it installed it is easy have a Home Depot representative come to your home and give a free measure and estimate. Follow this link to Home Depot Get It Installed 



If you are a Do It Yourself kind of person you may want to view this Building a Fence Part 1 video.  For part 2 video instructions click on building a wood fence using components or (stick building).  And if you plan on using prefabricate wood or vinyl panels check out this video in part 3 how to build a fence.



Have fun expressing yourself in your new outdoor space



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