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How and what I need to paint faux wood grain on laminated particleboard?

Redoing my dresser and nightstand only to find out that the top of the dresser is laminated particleboard.  I want the two pieces to match so I was interested in a faux wood grain. I've watched watched a few videos on how to do it but I don't exactly know what kind of paint or glaze to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Posted 2016-02-04T00:02:34+0000  by Chay Chay
Hello Chay

We have written several threads and produced several videos that cover your questions.

Here are several links to those threads:

WOW! Faux Granite Counter Tops

How To Faux Finish Trim and Cabinets

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How To Glamorize Furniture With Faux Silver Accents

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Through these threads, you'll find step-by-step "How To" instructions for producing these coatings.

You may also click the links to these videos which show faux techniques:

How To Faux With Metallic Paint

How To Faux Gingham and Faux Bois Wood Grain

How To Mix and Apply Faux Glaze

How To Create Texture With Metallic Paint

My two keys for every DIYer:

1) A sample board or piece of trim often helps you establish the "look" you seek; and

2) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... be as creative as you wish and allow several days before passing judgment.

This really is a great way to improve your decor.

And you'll be surprised by the WOW-factor that it creates with your family and friends.

Please take time to follow up with photos of your handiwork.

Pat InPaint

Posted 2016-02-04T15:29:26+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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