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How are pumpkins grown? Visit the Biggest Pumpkin Patch!!

A visit to Bottomley Evergreens


Talk about an adventure!!  What a great opportunity to visit one of the farms in North Carolina, which supply to Home Depot.  As with most of our farm suppliers, this too is family owned, and what a wonderful family it is.  They pride themselves in quality products, including pumpkins.  Take a look at this video which is an overview of what it takes to grow over 2000 acres of pumpkins and ship them to a Home Depot store near you!



I was astonished at how well thought out the process of growing pumpkins is.  Each year, once the pumpkins have been harvested, in the fall, they turn the soil.   Next, they plant ryegrass and let it grow until it is several feet high.  In the spring, they cut it down and leave it on the ground. 

The seeds are then planted, around May. The pumpkin seeds are planted right in between the ryegrass.  This is to aide in water retention, prevent rotting and allow the pumpkins to be grown on the dead grass instead of dirt, so they will not be dirty at harvest time.


Pumpkins growing on ryegrass


The only water they receive is from Mother Nature.  That’s right!  It takes, a perfect climate, such as this, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains to produce an abundance of pumpkins.


When it’s time to harvest, they spray Epsom salts over the leaves to kill them off, in order to actually find the pumpkins.  They are picked in early-mid September and continue through October.

Pumpkin leaves before they are sprayed with epsom salts.


It was very neat to see, first hand, the process in keeping the pumpkins fresh.  They are cut, picked and loaded into a truck within hours and on the road to be delivered into a store.  I was actually able to watch the same tractor go from the pumpkin field, to the shipping facility and loaded on a truck.  This was so systematic, that an entire tractor trailer was loaded in just 6 minutes and the driver was on his way.


I hope you are amazed as well and appreciate to value of our pumpkins.  I’m proud to say that Home Depot is able to offer, quality, fresh pumpkins and a great price.


Quality pumpkins.jpg

Freshly cut, quality pumpkins.

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