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How can I complain about customer service and treatment

I was just in your merit island store the same store I went to last night at about 6-7 pm on 5/20/13 my receipt is 02341824382-05/21//131481 iI told the lady Karen at customer service woul u price match a lowes receipt she said let me see it !Then she goes on line pulls up Lowes price and basically calls me a liar saying Lowes roll of 84" phifer screen is $130.00 dollars ! I said that's a joe smo price I'm a contractor I pay $91.00 dollars for a roll of 84 ! She turns her computer screen to me and says no it's not price is 130.00$ I showed her a receipt I purchased screen from Lowes this morning same is size screen same length 84" screen she then tells me it's not the same screen !I have been buying selling installing screen since 1989 I think I would know the difference!I told her lowes called and asked them if the had 84 in stock ! So that's why I came to Home Depot cause a Lowes person called you to see if you had it so here we are !thats why I went to customer service and was called a liar finally the lady who overrode the pricing last night came over and told KAREN to match Lowes price .Everytime I go to your store I get treated like a red headed step child you could get $ 5000.00 a week in screen sales from us but Everytime I go to your MI store I am treated like a liar and a criminal I just thought someone there maybe would do something about this but I have tried before and you treat me the same way Everytime I go there ! If u would like to discuss My #is 863-255-6794 my name is Robert Burgess if you would like I will provide proof of the amount of screen I purchase from Lowes and other Phifer screen suppliers but I will have to say Home Depot is the worst!No SERVICE in customer service !The 2 companies I own are Southeastern Metals Supply and B@B Gutters my sales people would never call out a customer the way Karen did !Hope u guys will get Customer Service right one day!!
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Posted 2013-05-21T19:32:50+0000  by Bburgess43 Bburgess43

Hello Bob,


Sorry to hear of these troubles.  I would be happy to help if I may.  Please email me at with your purchase details from Lowes, and perhaps we can work with your local Home Depot store on Pro Rewards, or discounts just as you have setup with Lowes.  We would love to earn your business.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks kindly,


Robert G

Home Depot Customer Care

Social Media Team

Posted 2013-05-21T20:36:45+0000  by THDCustomerCare
Can someone please contact me regarding g concerns relating to a recent quartz countertop concerns.
Thank you
Shawna Carpenter
Posted 2018-08-08T20:59:09+0000  by Shawna5784
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