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How can I fix a saying couch

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Posted 2013-12-06T13:45:34+0000  by ns1 ns1

Hello ns1 and welcome to the community!


You can remedy a sagging couch by placing 1/4" thick plywood between the seat cushions & couch, this will make the seat cushions feel firmer and maybe a bit uncomfortable.


You can also do a Google search for "Sagging Sofa Cushion Support", it's a product that is similar to what I am suggesting, but it usually made of thick plastic or fiberglass. 

Posted 2013-12-06T20:38:15+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Hi ns1,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community. 


It sounds like you are asking about a couch that is sagging?   This can occur when the springs on the bottom of the couch have come loose or have been stretched beyond their designed capacity (Usually the kids playing trampoline on it!)  


Remove the cushions from the couch and then turn the couch over to expose the underside.  When you turn your couch over, it may have a fabric covering that will have to be removed before any repairs can be made.


couch repair2.JPG couch repair4.jpg


Inspect the springs and the fasteners.  If the  springs have come loose, it should be an easy fix.  Straighten out any bent or miss-shapened springs.  



                     Couch springs.JPG couch repair5.jpg



Re-fasten any loose springs if possible or add some additional wood slats for more support.  



couch repair 6a.jpg



To increase the tension in the springs, use an 7/16-1/2 inch hemp rope, secure it to the top of the springs and weave it  thru the springs from top to bottom, fastening it at the bottom and top of each spring, keeping the rope in one continuous piece.


couch repair 6c.jpg



It may be necessary to replace some of the springs and attachments if they are broken or usable.  Check with your local furniture repair shop to see if you can purchase replacement springs and fasteners for your model couch.


Couch repair-new springs.jpg


There are other ways to fix a sagging couch, but the above, are my favs.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.          


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Posted 2013-12-06T20:55:40+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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