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How can I fix a wall that looks like it was spackled, and then painted without sanding first?

I recently bought my first home. I want to paint a bathroom, but I would like to repair the walls before doing so. 


It looks to me like the previous owner spackled some areas on the ball and then didn't really sand it down before painting, because there's lots of areas where you can clearly see it's a different texture and/or raised from the wall. 


Can I just sand it down and then prime/paint like normal, or will it require some additional work?




Here are a couple of pictures to see what I mean...



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Posted 2013-08-01T19:59:04+0000  by garmancm garmancm

Hi Garmancm,


The previous owner just didn't do a through job of repairing the walls. He didn't sand and blend in the repaired areas properly.


Just sand smooth and refinish, you may want to texture the surface to hide some of the defects.





Posted 2013-08-01T21:04:42+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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