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How can I fix my Garage Floor Expoxy Project ?

Our old garage floor badly needed to be re-sealed.  I picked out the Rocksolid Rustoleum garage kit in grey.  I bought two of these kits since the kit said 1 car garage and I have a 2 car garage.  

Followed the directions:

Cleaned the garage floor of dust, debris and any residual oil.  Used a detergent and rinsed, let dry then proceeded to etch the floor

Etched the garage floor rinsed and used a squeegee to remove any excess water and let dry

Followed kit instructions for painting and bought extra decorative chips (Rust-oleum decorative chips gray denim blend... 1 lb)

Parts of the floor will not dry.  What happened?

I have put a dehumidifier in the garage and used a fan... but then read that this will not help since it is a chemical reaction and heat can help.  Actually used a hair dryer on one patch and still it won't dry.  How can this be?

I am really stuck:  You can't tell by looking at the floor which areas are wet/tacky and which are dry, but it is 5 days later and I can touch areas in the garage and come away with grey fingertips.  

How can I fix this?  I feel as if I will have to scrape out the entire 2 bay garage and start again, but I don't have that kind of time or money to pay someone to fix this or buy more kits...  Any ideas?  I am very disappointed with the results that I got
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Posted 2016-07-23T07:53:26+0000  by 1busylady 1busylady
Sorry to hear about your has to be very frustrating.

Epoxies do cure via a chemical reaction and temperature effects the speed of the reaction but that's usually low temperatures, which doesn't seem to be a problem in most of the country right now.  Was the temperature in your garage within the limits specified in the instructions?  Since you have areas that have dried it seems that perhaps you didn't mix the two components completely or maybe you got an expired or bad batch.  You are going to need to remove the sticky sections of the floor, probably using a strong solvent like xylene or lacquer thinner.

I would suggest contact RustOleum's technical support folks and asking for guidance.  (888) 683-5667

Unfortunately I would suspect that any warranty only covers replacement of the product, not the labor to fix the situation.  That's pretty much true of any coating though.
Posted 2016-07-23T09:15:33+0000  by Adam444
Thank you Adam444

This has been a very frustrating process.  The day that I painted it was between 80-86 degrees. So I know that temperature was not the issue.  

As for the mixing.   The kit had two parts A and B and required them to be mixed individually and then pushed into each other to break an internal seal. Perhaps all the kits are like this... each chemical separated from the other by a breakable internal seal just like an ice pack.  I confess I have trouble sometimes breaking the internal seal on the ice pack.  So knowing how important the mixing was I gently massaged each part A and B then poured out each part and mixed using a wooden paint stick in a metal bucket.  It was very messy, but effective in mixing part A and B together.  

Prior to painting the floor I had used the Rust-oleum patch kit that had the parts A and B separated into little tubs with one being 2x as big as the other.  I saw that the paint worked the same way and it was easy to see the two parts being mixed since one was grey in color and the other was colorless.  I used a paint tray and the foam roller provided in the kit to spread the product on the floor.  I also bought a brush to cut into the corners.  I did the straight edges first and then the area inside.  I worked systematically so that i wouldn't get trapped in the garage.  I watched u-tube videos and read tips for garage painting.  I am fully aware of how big an amatuer I am at all this.  That's why I am so upset that only certain areas are still tacky.  In some places it is a very small spot that remains tacky and in others the area is a bit larger.  

I will take your advice and contact the company.  I am not sure that I would like to receive additional product but perhaps being reimbursed will help defray the cost of the solvent I will need to remove this.

I am not familiar with xylene or lacquer thinner.  Any information on these products would be helpful.  I have young children, a crazy curious dog and a very old cat.  I would worry to expose them to anything that could harm them my garage has an entrance into our kitchen so the fumes could get in and this worries me too.
Posted 2016-07-23T11:13:05+0000  by 1busylady
Both xylene and lacquer thinner are powerful solvents generally used with to remove or thin paint and other finishes.  Obviously one want to read the package safety precautions and follow them.  I assume you can open the garage doors to provide ventilation and add a fan or two to remove any noxious fumes.  If you're worried about anything getting into the house, run some wide painters tape around the door frame to seal gaps.  Again obviously, you won't want pets or kids around when you work with these chemicals.

As for what might have gone wrong, I would contact RustOleum for assistance.  They know their product better than anyone.
Posted 2016-07-23T11:33:53+0000  by Adam444

They are not only noxious, they are highly flammable and potentially explosive. Definitely extinquish any potential sources of ignition. Many areas of the country have the gas furnace and hot water heater in the garage. They are located on a shelf off the floor for exactly this reason - explosive vapors tend to hug the floor! Turn them off and put out any pilot lights.

Light switches and un-sealed motors are also potential ignition sources.
Posted 2016-07-25T04:48:15+0000  by ordjen
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