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How can I make my LED christmas lights to twinkle or move?

So, I have several boxes of Home Accent Holidays LED lights.  Most of them are the non-functional type.  As in, they are just on.  I do have several sets that have the ability to do other things besides just be on.  They have 8 functions: chase, fade ...etc.  They come with a extra device attached that allows you to pick what function you like.  My question is how do I make the other light sets I have do things like, chase or dim?  I know there are drivers and controllers, but I don't understand the way they operate.  Can I even use those things to make my lights do anything?  Can I tap into the extra device that is attached to my LED lights that have 8 functions, and just use it as a way to make my lights move?  Ok, thanks in advance for any advice.  Here's a photo just for reference.  Thanks


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Posted 2016-11-27T05:20:58+0000  by jackislost jackislost
Hey jackislost.

LED lights do not typically dim with regular controls or dimmers. The LED sets without the controller are not dimmable. There is a way to make them blink and this is by plugging them into this light and sound show kit

Posted 2016-11-27T18:51:02+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
Ahah.  Alas, finally a answer to my question that I have been trying to figure out for two months.  I appreciate the input.  Let me add a few things and if you don't mind, maybe you can provide a few more thoughts.  So is this the only item on the market that will make my current lights move?  Or is this the only one HD offers?  Moving forward for next year, what will be the best way to getting a fully customizable light show for christmas lights?  

Ingar_HD_ATL, I appreciate the info, have a good one.

Posted 2016-11-28T05:00:31+0000  by jackislost
Hey jackislost. 

It is good to hear back from you. I have found no other options for getting LED lights to blink after an exhausting search. I will continue to look and if I find something else, I will certainly chime in. Have a good Christmas and thanks for your question. I have looked everywhere. Even on other websites.
Posted 2016-12-01T14:43:26+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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