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How can I safely remove thick latex paint from drywall over a huge area?

Hi there! I am currently looking for help for a paint job gone wrong. I'm a DIYer who had a run in with a bad batch of primer on my walls in my large kitchen.  After a few coats of red paint, the paint just peeled right off the walls in some places. Other places are firmly adhered to the wall but are very thick and easy to knick, resulting in a terrible mess. I have used a heat gun to remove some of the paint, but this is extremely time consuming and painful (burnt fingers!) Do you happen to have any advice for removing thick latex paint from drywall without having to replace all of the walls?  Thank you so much!

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Posted 2013-07-31T08:27:43+0000  by fightinggravity fightinggravity

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I'm so sorry you are having trouble with your primer. :smileysad: The heat gun is a good option, but, like you said, it is time consuming and dangerous. The only other option that I can think of is using an orbital sander and sanding off the paint and primer. Just make sure you do not apply too much pressure to avoid digging in to the drywall. Do be aware that this will create quite a bit of dust. Make sure to cover everything in the room to avoid the dust from getting everywhere.


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Posted 2013-07-31T11:59:46+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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