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How can i tell what kind of blade i have on my lawnmower

I have a Craftsman 10hp rider with a 30in cut but I dont know what kind of blade it has?


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Posted 2013-06-30T13:39:51+0000  by trailergod trailergod

Hey trailergod.


The Home Depot does sell many different Craftsman blades but unfortunately I have not found a 30 inch blade on and I do not sell it in the stores here in the Atlanta area. Most manufacturers will have a certain size or shape hole for their mowers. Craftsman blades have a 5 star center hole in their rider blades usually.


I would recommend looking at a local mower shop for this blade.

Posted 2013-06-30T14:17:16+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

You tractor likely has a couple of blades.  If you g to managemylife (it's part of Sears) you can pull up the manual by plugging in the model number of your tractor.  There should be a tag somewhere on the mower.  The number should be something like xxx.xxxxxx (three numbers period then six more numbers).  Once you get the manual, you can figure out what blades you need.  They can be ordered directly for Sears or picked up at a local Sears store.

Posted 2013-06-30T14:35:46+0000  by Adam444
thanks for the info, I was told by a friend that there are 3 different types of blades (1)mulching (2)hi lift (3) low lift I'm trying to find out which I have
Posted 2013-06-30T15:59:39+0000  by trailergod

There may well be different types of blades for your mower.  There might be a number stamped on the blade otherwise you'll have to take it off and compare it to others in a Sears store.  There might be something in the manual about what blade it shipped with too.  That's assuming you haven't changed it.

Posted 2013-06-30T19:43:13+0000  by Adam444
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