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How can repair a leak on kitchen sink from the base where pipe is connected

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Posted 2013-06-09T18:48:04+0000  by timftxxf timftxxf

Hi Timftxxf,


I need some additional information in order to help you.


There are several connections under the sink, often, water will leak and run down to a lower connection making it appear to be the point of leakage, when in reality the leak is elsewhere.


If you are referring to the tail piece, which attaches to the sink strainer, leaks here are often due to improper sealing when the strainer was installed and water is seeping past the seal and dripping onto the drain pipe.


If possible send me a picture of the plumbing and indicate where you think the leak is at.



Posted 2013-06-10T23:28:23+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Thanks for the reply . The tail piece is where the leak is coming from. It seems the pipe that s connected to the drain is not long enough . I can't tighten the seal because pipe to short . This is our second year in home and was working fine until now . Not sure what happen
Posted 2013-06-11T01:44:43+0000  by timftxxf

Hi timftxxf,


You will have to install either a new tail piece or a tail piece extender to solve the problem.


Good luck with your project.



Posted 2013-06-13T18:23:55+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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