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How did a used vacuum get back on the shelf?

Hi, we live in a rural area of southeast Colorado. We traveled to Westminster, CO and went to the Home Depot. We bought a Shark Vacuum and some other materials. We drove home 3.5 hours to find that the vacuum was definitely used. There was still dirt in the canister and hair in the roller-brush. There was no instruction book and the vacuum parts were just put back in the box - no repacking. I did call right away and was told we have bring it back in, which I understand. This is just very frustrating. The contents were obviously not checked and just put back on the shelf. Now we have to wait a week and half before we can return to a Home Depot.
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Posted 2016-04-04T20:02:16+0000  by raydmatt raydmatt
Sorry to hear you got a used vacuum but the answer is that the folks that work at Home Depot, just like the rest of us, are fallible human beings.  You may not realize this but hundreds and more likely thousands of items are returned every day at every Home Depot store and even if the employees are 99.99% accurate in the processing of those returns an item or two are going to slip through the cracks.  To further complicate matters, customers lie and return things all the time saying they were never used.  Maybe the employee took the customer at his word, maybe it got put in the wrong cart, maybe the employee intended to put a tag on your vacuum and was momentarily distracted.  I'm sure the error wasn't intentional and nobody wanted you to unknowingly buy a used vacuum.

I'm not a Home Depot employee but have worked in retail and it's a tough job.
Posted 2016-04-05T08:38:16+0000  by Adam444
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